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You can ask us to help you in one of the following roles: Advisor, Expert, Teacher, Coach. For this, We offer the following services, of course as a partner and in mutual consultation for managing the expectations.

Advice and support:

Advice Days Description Target group
Business Intelligence 1-4 Advice on the uses of Business Intelligence for the business. Business and IT
Information Modeling 1-4 Advice on Information Modeling according to the approach of the Information Management Frame. Business experts and IT
Presentations 1 Giving presentations at customers and conferences. Business experts and IT

Courses on Business Intelligence, Information Management, and Information Quality Management:

Course Days Description Target group
Hands-On FOM 4 > Read more Information analysts
Hands-On IMF 2 > Read more Information analysts and Data Stewards
Advanced FOM 3 > Read more Seasoned Information analysts
Tailor-made BI 4 > Read more Business and IT
Hands-On IQ 3 > Read more Business and IT




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