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Course Hands-On IQ

Information Quality Management is in essence all about the question: How do we keep our company, the society, and the world from unnecessary disasters and demises caused by poor quality information? In this course you become acquainted with the fundamental principles of information Quality Management (IQM) and will receive clear guidance for starting up and executing appropriate improvement programs for Information Quality Management.

For most organizations information quality is vitally important. Larry English says about this: We are in the Information Age and information has become the differentiating resource between companies. The quality of their information determines whether an organization will be successful or fail. One cannot sit down in complacency, when the competition redefines the competitive rules.

Follow the course Hands-On Information Quality (IQ)

In his latest book Information Quality Applied Larry English shows an approach for realising information quality through methods that lead to the reduction of costs and the increase of profit for the organization. His approach is called TIQM and stands for 'Total Information Quality Management'. The course Hands-On IQ discusses the approach of Larry English and puts in within the context of other recommendable approaches, such as Fact Oriented Modelling (FOM) and the Information Management Frame' (IMF).

In brief
Location Hotel Bergse Bossen
Duration 3 days
Contact hours 24 hours during one week
Home study 24 hours in total
Costs € 2045,- (excl. 21% VAT, see also the General Terms)
Included course material, literature, coffee/tea and lunches.
Please, note: You need to take your own laptop into the course!
Course data to be determined in consultation
Times 09.30 - 18.30 hrs
Registration You can register on this site
Payment by invoice
For whom
Profession Architects, Information Analysts, and Data Stewards
Group size maximally 16
More information see Program/Subjects/For whom/Teachers/Literature
By whom
Coordinator Peter Alons
Trainers Peter Alons en Rob Arntz

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