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Course Tailor-made BI

In his two books The Data Warehouse Lifecycle Toolkit and The Data Warehouse Toolkit Ralph Kimball has set forth a method for setting up star models: models that are optimally appropriate for building BI-reports and BI-queries (unlike most information structures that are optimized for entering data).

The course Tailor-made BI gives you the opportunity to learn all about Buisness Intelligence and Dimensional Modeling.

Follow the course Tailor-made Business Intelligence

As participant you can learn all ins and outs of of a meaningful BI approach, how the business can profit from it, and how this approach fits in into the Information Management Frame, which aims at guaranteeing reliable, effective and efficient application-development.

The full course will be set up as a coherent entity based on the choices you make from the list of subjects on the page 'Program Tailor-made BI'.

In brief
Location Hotel Bergse Bossen
Duration minimally 2 days / maximally 4 days
Contact hours maximally 16 hours a week during two weeks
Home study maximally 32 hours in total
Costs Depending on the choice of program and number of participants
Included course material, literature, coffee/tea and lunches.
Please, note: You need to take your own laptop into the course!
Course data to be detemined in consultation
Times 09.30 - 18.30 hrs
Registration You can register on this site
Payment by invoice
For whom
Profession Data Scientists, Business Analysts, and Information Analysts; Knowledge Workers
Group size maximally 16
More information see Program/Subjects/For whom/Teachers/Literature
By whom
Coordinator Peter Alons
Trainers Peter Alons en Rob Arntz

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